Owned and Operated by Joshua McWilliams.


My Journey into to Goldfish started when I won 2 Common Goldfish at one of the fair games as a young kid.  I raised those simple goldfish for 10 years before they passed.  I off and on kept Fancy Goldfish my entire life, Most recently after a break from the hobby I stated with some pet quality Orandas from a pet store and my passion and eagerness for the hobby has grown tremendously educating myself with many aspects from grooming, keeping, judging, and breeding.  In 2016 I was trained and certified by The Goldfish Council as a TGC Goldfish Judge,   

Head of Security - Louis


Louis is our head of security and loss prevention specialist.  He spends most of his days sleeping, gnawing on a duck foot, and keeping me company during water changes. In his spare time he chases of intruders and wildlife 

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