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Water Pigs USA subsidizes some partial shipping costs. Overnight Shipping is through FedEx or UPS at the shipper’s discretion and someone must be home to sign for the package. Fish are shipped Monday through Wednesday.  After your purchase, we will arrange the best suitable date and confirm the address to ship the fish. Some customers prefer to receive their fish at their work address if no one will be home to sign for package.

Supplies are shipped USPS or can be added to your Live fish order.

Preparations and Packing-

Live fish are fasted for 48 hours to ensure water quality during their transit to their forever home. Adult fish are bagged individually, juveniles and Fry are generally packed with multiple fish per bag.  Live fish are bagged in plastic bags with pure oxygen.  Minor fin tears and blemishes may occur during shipping. This is normal when a fish is shipped, and they generally heal on their own quickly with pristine water conditions.

Live arrival guarantee & Health–

We do our best to provide healthy and parasite free fish.  All fish bred in-house are given preventive treatments for parasites twice a year, and any fish brought in from other sources are quarantined and given preventative treatments.  I still recommend quarantining all new fish you receive from Water Pigs USA and any other company or breeder for 30-60 days.  Once a shipping bag has been opened, we can no longer control the water quality a fish will be subjected to. This is why we can only guarantee that they arrive alive at time of receiving the shipment.   In very rare circumstances, DOA (Dead On Arrival) can happen due to circumstances with shipping live animals. If this does happen, Water Pigs USA will issue you a store credit for the value paid of the deceased fish to use on future fish purchases. (Special circumstances can be made by the owner of Water Pigs USA to issue refund for fish if they are fish that can not be purchased of similar quality and variety. It is the owner’s sole discretion on this case by case matter). DOA – Claims must be sent to within 3 hours of receiving package, with pictures and a video showing the deceased fish still in the shipping bag and showing the shipping bag unopened or tampered with.  Unfortunately, shipping will not be refunded unless shipping box was damaged during shipping or shipment is held up for a prolonged period of time. In this case, I will have to file a claim with the preferred shipping company.  It’s simple, but I may need some pictures or video to provide to the shipping company.  Please also save deceased fish in freezer and save original packing material and box, these might have to be provided to the shipping company in person.  You can discard these items once your claim has been approved and you have been offered store credit or refund for shipping.  


Make sure to follow Industry standard acclamation procedures. Once you have unpacked your fish bags, float in aquarium for 15 to 30 minutes.  Once the temperatures match in the shipping bag and the aquarium water, gently remove your fish and place into aquarium. Do not place water from shipping bag into your tank.  (Solid Gold Aquatics- has multiple videos covering how to receive fish through the mail on YouTube that I would suggest watching if you have any concerns on receiving fish through the mail.)


Sexed Goldfish-

We can not guarantee sexes on Goldfish, and I do my best to make an educated guess on older juveniles and adults, but they are just that guesses.  Occasionally, I will sell a fish that is Labeled “Proven” it means we have either expressed milt or eggs out of that certain fish.  Fry and Young Juveniles are sold un-sexed.


You must be 18 years or older to make purchases from Water Pigs USA.  If you are under the age of 18 you must have consent from your legal guardian and payment must be made by the guardian.  Water Pigs USA has the right to refuse service to anyone.  We will not refuse service based Race, Gender, Disabilities, Religion, Sexual identity, or Sexual Orientation.


Water Pigs USA only sells aquatic fish and supplies via online sources and occasional trade shows.  We do not have a storefront so walk-ins or appointments are not possible. We have commercial space for shipments and all fish are kept in the residence since above all, these fish are our pets and treated with love and respect.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:



By paying this invoice you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions listed above.


Thank you,


Joshua McWilliams


Water Pigs USA

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